Spam & Open Relay Blocking System

The latest version of the util is available out of the CVS

Version 0.2 is available here: sockchk.tar.gz

Version 0.8 is available here: sock-check-0.8.tar.gz
Instructions and details are in the README-0.8 file.

Licence Details are here: MPL 1.1

The Project detail and admin is at 'SORBS'

No-Ads - The web add killer/redirector for SQUID

Version 1.0 is available here: noads.tar.gz

Note: This tool is best use with something like Squirm to get rid of all the ads...    BBS    iSux Projects Logo

A link to my e-mail address generator, this will give you 1,000,000 randomly generated e-mail addresses each time it it run, just for all you SPAMmers/harvesters out there...